Towards circular batteries

We build energy storage solutions using batteries retired from electric vehicles or salvaged from the electronic waste stream.

From understanding battery operation and aging patterns, we are safely and optimally leveraging the latent value of retired batteries by repurposing them until their true end of life.

We are currently providing power back-up services to telecommunication towers.


Our Offering

Energy storage-as-a-service

We provide batteries for power backup. Our battery solutions are bundled in affordable service packages to offer you maximum convenience and significant cost reductions in your operations.

Power monitoring

We offer a convenient monitoring solution for real-time auditing for your site, enabling you to take proactive actions.


Our Unique Proposition

More reliable

Our batteries are less likely to break.

Seamless Kick-in

Our batteries can take on power supply of your site as soon as there is an interruption.


Our batteries have no direct greenhouse emissions.

Real-time & Remote Monitoring

Our monitoring platform offers visibility on the site status.

Modular & Tailorable

Our batteries are designed to your specific energy storage and electrical power needs, and they can be easily adjusted as the needs change.


Meet With Our Team

We share a passion for sustainability, clean energy and a collective of 16+ years of experience in the energy and manufacturing industries.

Patrick Ntwari

Director of Hardware Engineering

Léandre Berwa

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Karera

Director of Software Engineering

Fred Rwema

Embedded Systems Engineer

Merci Hirwa

Business Development Manager

Prince Muhirwa

Design Engineer